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smART sketcher

Client FlyCatcher Toys Ltd.
Type Kids, Toys
Platform IoT device, Mobile app
Smart Sketcher IoT toy for kids


SmART sketcher is a smart projector that will teach your kids how to draw
and write using animated step-by-step instructions. What differentiates SmARTSketcher from other products is the ability to control the device using the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) capabilities of a mobile device and a dedicated app, which also allows you to take pictures using your mobile or tablet, send them to the projector, and turn any photo into a real sketch.

Smart Sketcher IoT toy for kids assembly ux ui

The Challenge

Designing a mobile app that connects and controls the smART sketcher device to improve the experience of kids who wants to use the product, play with it and learn from it, because they value the fun of interacting with a device using a mobile app, taking pictures, projecting them, and sketch.

The Solution

At first, SmART Sketcher had a demo app with the basic features of selecting an illustration from the gallery or taking a picture and projecting it. However, the experience was a bit vague; it wasn’t child-oriented and the overall experience wasn’t good enough to make it stand out from all the popular related apps. We came to the conclusion that the best solution is guiding the users in an effortless process. We created a simple user journey where the concept was to start with the learning process, activating the device, personalizing the use of the product, and then discovering the various features. This helped to mitigate distraction, which is a huge challenge with designing a product for kids.

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Smart Sketcher IoT toy for kids tablet app ux uiSmart Sketcher IoT toy for kids tablet app step ux uiSmart Sketcher IoT toy for kids tablet app achievement ux ui animation
Smart Sketcher IoT toy for kids taking picture tablet app ux ui


The award-winning product app had more than quarter a million installations worldwide both in Google Play, Appstore, and Amazon. The app received amazing reviews from its users! Especially this one:

“Easy to use and the apps work great with it. This was the main gift my daughter wanted for Christmas, she is 10. She sometimes has difficulty with certain technology but she was able to use it effortlessly.”

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