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DeWalt (a Stanley Black & Decker brand) created a sound system for their TSTAK modular storage users. TSTAK Connect Radio is a compatible job site radio and charger that offers FM, AM, DAB, and Bluetooth connectivity with a 45 Watt Output. The radio can be controlled remotely using a mobile app, allowing for complete control of the device on site as well as playing music from the smartphone library.

The solutions

As it’s the first mobile app in this category, while approaching new millennial customers, it was crucial to create a seamless and intuitive usage. We’ve created a simple pairing process, in a way the users will find it easy to use, by creating a familiar experience that incorporates new functionalities such as, quick scanning frequencies,  creating lists of favorite stations, playing local library music on the device and more.


Client: Stanley Black & Decker Inc.
Services: UX strategy, UI design
Type: Device UI, Mobile app


User Interface Design

The visual design included a minor upgrade to the DeWalt brand that fits with the TStak Connect Radio product design. The clean UI design incorporates with the products’ curvey design and works under the constraints of the relatively low-resolution screen, the long distance of the users from the device itself and the job site environment which sometimes may have sunlight, dust, noise and other cognitive loads.

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Mobile App experience

The mobile app allows a full control of the TSTAK Connect Radio, including an option to scan and to set up FM and Digital Audio Broadcast stations, play music from the local library and to save unlimited favorite FM and DAB radio stations to get a quick access.

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