Iguaz.io a fast growing startup, delivers PaaS and handle end to end solution for all big data related activities. They deliver 100x faster performance in low costs. Their management platform enables their users a holistic management solution, monitoring activities, data organizing & searching, secured data sharing, control billing, apply policies and more.

The solutions

As most of its target users are already using  the known platform to manage their operation, one of our major challenges was to empower the cutting-edge technology solution and support it with an easy-to-use and slick user interface to assure the high performance usage of the platform. The process which took almost 2 years, emphasizes both on cognitive patterns from related industry platforms and new patterns that gives a better solutions to complete complex tasks in the quickest way.


Client: Iguaz.io
Services: UX design, Product design
Type: Desktop web


the experience

Creation Wizard Approach

The product allows its users to create data containers and policies, with no need of waiting for the IT operators.
This solution required a 'self-service' for multiple kinds of creation processes.
To do that, we created a fully guided easy-to-use wizard, both for IT pros and beginners.

Visual language

Action Icons

Informational Icons

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