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Smart Pixelator

Client FlyCatcher Toys Ltd.
Type Kids, Toys
Technology IoT device, Tablet and Mobile apps
Smart Pixelator IoT toy for kids


SmART Pixelator uses smART technology to pixelate any design! The smART Pixelator™ combines art, technology and STEAM learning in new ways. Right out of the box, kids have a choice of creating 50+ step-by-step projects using smART Pixel Beads. Connect to the free app, then download any photo from your mobile device and the possibilities are endless. Create ready-to-display 2D or 3D projects, experiment, and customize. Extension SD card packs gives the users innovative ways to design with more beads, sequins, or pegs. smART Pixelator™ encourages creativity, small motor development, and spatial awareness.

Smart Pixelator IoT toy for kids tablet app

The Challenge

Designing tablet and mobile apps that connects and controls the SmART Pixelator device to improve the experience of kids who bought the product, because they value the option to interact with the device using their mobile or tablet, discover new projects to create 2D and 3D models, taking pictures, pixelate them and design their own 2D models.

The Solution

Creating the right UX for children is always a fun challenge, children are curious, and love to explore.
We created a simple user experience with keeping in mind that kids will try and touch everything on screen, so the UI needs to be clean and focused. We kept the emphasis on fun and engaging visual language to encourage the kids to discover the apps possibilities. The navigation included 3 drill downs maximum, picking the activity type: Beads, Sequins, Pegs, Bracelets, and 3D Beads, then choosing the activity from the gallery, and entering the step-by-step activity instructions.

Smart Pixelator IoT toy for kids tablet app
Smart Pixelator IoT toy for kids mobile app camera filtersSmart Pixelator IoT toy for kids tablet app camera filters

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