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The Justice Fund

Client Justice Investments Ltd.
Type Legal, Investments
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The Justice Fund is a Third Party Litigation Funding firm, based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Justice Fund strengthens high-quality, hand-picked Tort-related cases, by funding related legal expenses, from Court Fees to Medical and Financial Expert Opinions. Justice Fund covers its client's personal expenses during the litigation process until a verdict is given or a settlement agreement is officially signed, and in addition, invests solely on a non-recourse basis and collects its fees from "winning"​ cases only.


The Challenge

The Justice Fund helps prosecutors and their lawyers file lawsuits without paying upfront, and without risking money, to get the most compensation and fees possible. It covers all the legal costs, and sometimes even personal and medical bills, during the legal process. In this lawyers and experts platform, the biggest challenge was making it easy for everyone involved to understand the case using different professional tools. This helps lawyers and medical experts figure out each case, dive into their details, and collaborate.

The Solution

Lawyers and medical experts usually don't jump on new tech trends quickly. But after digging into what they need, we made a simple and easy-to-use product that they love. It helps them save time and money and understand cases better by organizing medical documentation. With this product, lawyers can now spend more time helping clients and less time dealing with the nitty-gritty details of putting a case together.

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