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Client FeelCommerce ltd.
Type eCommerce
Technology Web platform
Feel user interface of live video call with store expert


Feel recreates the expert-driven, 1:1 in-store shopping experience online, resulting in happier customers and more completed purchases, offering a global community of online sales experts with retail experience across every vertical. Their interactive video call platform enables shoppers to connect with sales experts, and review products together for an awesome shopping experience.

Feel user interface for ecommerce video call

The Challenge

Online consumers often need help while browsing an eCommerce website. They have questions about products, they need assistance in understanding if the products fit their needs, and they want a human connection. Sales associates, on the other end, want to engage with customers online and help them pick the right products and purchase, upsell, and earn bonuses. Brands want to increase revenue and online conversion, earn their customers' trust, and provide them with a great customer experience.

The Solution

Alongside Feel's team, we created a new online experience for the eCommerce sector - a virtual showroom. We started with a basic idea of creating a virtual environment for 1-on-1 engagement between the consumers and sellers. The Showroom is a video call platform that enables the sales associates to demonstrate products using a virtual toolkit containing utilities such as products tray, co-browsing, media presentation, co-checkout process, and more. We helped Feel define the product strategy, plan the user interface, and finally created the entire user experience of their interactive product.

Feel chat for eStore Feel shopping experience
Feel video call co browsing

Admin Platform

The admin platform enables brands to manage their sales process, onboard new sales associates, view all video sessions, get analytics, and track performance lift.

Feel admin platform UI
Feel admin platform UI login screenFeel admin platform UI user management
Feel admin platform UI recording preview
Feel admin platform UI


Feel helped their first partners increase their revenue, lift 120% in average order value (AOV), 78% more in cart items, and the shoppers purchased twice as many items via the Showroom and left raving feedback:

“Yes! first time virtually shopping!  What a great experience with the seller! She helped me with a return question and some styling advice. Great service!”

“The experience was very personable and professional and I look forward to more style calls. Thank you!”

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