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Client Chiefy Technologies Ltd.
Type Hospitals, Health Care
Platform Mobile app


Chiefy is a digital huddle cloud product that helps clinical teams easily get on the same page and continuously align before procedures. It harnesses AI, data, and gamification to make team communication and coordination easy and asynchronous. The result is great teamwork and a dramatic improvement in surgical care quality, efficiency, and patient safety.


The Challenge

Chiefy presents a valuable tool for healthcare teams, but its implementation comes with challenges. While it promises to enhance job performance and patient care, there are hurdles to overcome. Ensuring trust in the product is paramount; users must feel confident in its security and usability. Convincing skeptical users, such as busy surgeons, poses a challenge. They may require substantial evidence of its effectiveness before embracing it fully. Moreover, accommodating the diverse needs and preferences of users, including those who are accustomed to more traditional methods, adds another layer of complexity to the project. Despite these obstacles, addressing them effectively will lead to successful adoption and integration of Chiefy into healthcare workflows.

The Solution

To address the challenges faced in user experience and product design, we adopted a user-centric approach, incorporating data from Chiefy team to tailor the UX of the app to healthcare professionals' needs. An intuitive interface and customizable features facilitated seamless integration into existing workflows, ensuring successful adoption among healthcare teams. Additionally, we focused on implementing an effortless user experience, ensuring that Chiefy is easy to use and engaging, encouraging users to take actions and collaborate effectively. This approach not only facilitated user adoption but also helped streamline workflows, ultimately reducing workload and enhancing productivity.

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