LuckyStreak, a new player in the live gaming industry, offer operators and land based casinos with the premium technology to extend their offering with a live online casino experience.  

The solutions

Our main goal was to improve the user interface and overall costumer experience for LuckyStreak as a new player, in order to differentiate them from the existing solutions in the market. We achieved this goal by creating an experience that puts the emphasis on the players, using an interface that demonstrate the experience from the casinos in real life with an added value of an innovative augmented UI enriched with a gamified gestures from the interactive games world. This new vision, converts into higher player value, keeping the users engaged and playing for longer time periods. 


Client: LuckyStreak
Services: UX design, Product design, Branding
Type: Web, Mobile


the experience

Studio design

Creating the correct studio atmosphere is crucial.
The studio, is an integral part of what to user exposed to during the game, therefore it's a part of the user overall experience. While using the right tools, we were able to create the correct atmosphere and differentiate LuckyStreak from its competitors using the new brand language we created.


The challenge with a new player in a saturated market, is to make it stand out on top of other competitors. We defined the brand's attributes to contribute with the business and marketing goals and created a new brand logo and visual strategy with a solid story behind it. The new visual language, inspired by the spirit of the Art Déco combined with nowadays characteristic creates a prestigious, friendly, reliable and innovative new brand.


Photos by Peteris Viksna

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