Design Sprint* is a structured brainstorming based on design thinking and agile development for answering critical business questions through design and prototypes validation.

* Based on IDEO and Stanford's methodologies, developed at Google Ventures.
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What is design sprint?

The sprint is a 2-5 days workshop process of structured brainstorming for answering critical business questions through, design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers. Developed at Google Ventures, it’s a “greatest hits” of business strategy, innovation, behavior science, design thinking, and more - packaged into a battle-tested process that any team can use.

The process

In most product building cycles, even the agile ones, it takes several months and well spent money until it's possible to validate an idea. Usually, the process begins with defining an idea, refining and coding it, and by the end of the cycle, once you launched it, only then you'll be able to test it and figure out whether if it's working or not.

The Design Sprint allows us to shortcut this endless process. Using the 6 stages methodology, we are able to compress this process and validate an idea in just a few days, while working together as a team. Basically, the sprint shortcuts to learning and validating a product before you're building and launching it.

The Stages



The first part of the sprint requires preparation: inviting the right people to share quick 5 minute presentations on business goals, technology capabilities, user needs and competitors.



In this stage, the team starts developing the focus and strategy. This happens by defining the central user journey.



Generating many ideas as possible before committing to the best option. In this stage, everyone is encouraged to work individually to sketch ideas.



In this section, it's time for the team to review all the ideas from the Diverge phase and vote for the best options. Then, the team can choose 1-3 idea to prototype and test.



Rapid prototyping allows us to test out ideas without investing tons of resources. By doing so, you will know earlier what aspects of your ideas fail and which one has a potential.



This is when we answer the hardest question: "Is this idea any good?" by validating, the prototype with real users, stakeholders and the technical team.

The Moderator

UX specialist and product design consultant with 15 years of experience in various creative fields, specialise in working with startups and product companies. Owner of Rikover Interactive, B.Des in visual communication (with honor), Google UX/UI expert, startups mentor at Google Launchpad Tel-Aviv, lecturer and a certified Google Design Sprint Master by:

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